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Move on dark is there a dark art?

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I'm trying to get a Dimond19 moveing head to move to a new position in the dark, on a Solution 48 Frog.

Idearly useing a sub master. It is fine as long as the illumination wheel is set above "5", but if below this then no information is stored on the sub.......have got smart tracking on. Thanks

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When smart tag is on then the desk wont record posion parameters if the fixture is in black out. To record the fixtures position while its in dark you will need to turn off smart tag and tag the parameters manually. Another way would be to record a full snap shot by holding shift when pressing record. On the solution move on dark only truly works when using the cue stack as the desk knows whats coming next. If your using subs it doesnt.

Hope this helps you.

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Hi Devices,


Move on Dark is only designed to work with Memories, not Submasters. When you're creating a list of several memories, you should find Move on Dark automatically happens without having to even think about it.


All the best



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