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Which Littlite for FLX

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There isn't an output to run a desk lamp on the FLX so you can use pretty much anything. You could try a USB LED gooseneck in one o the USB ports but try and keep it as low current as possible - the internal hubs are limited for power I think, same as the ORB series.


Littlite do some freestanding lights to plug in to a wall wart type of PUS (or so it seems from a cursory look at their site just) or you could use something from the Swedish furniture store or that well know electronics provider with 3 letters. <_<

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Yeah - we found almost all customers were using USB lights on their consoles anyway, and as FLX has USB ports all over it, that's what we went for.


We've also done a lot of testing on the USB ports, to ensure they can all be completely fully loaded in all sorts of very high and very low temperatures without any issues. If anything tries to pull dramatically too much power, FLX will just cut off that USB port temporarily until the device is unplugged.

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Hi, Don't know it it is of any help but i use 'Kinsman flexible USB bright light' on both my solution and FLX desks they have two setting Dim and bright so are quite good for most environments. Don't know what the power consumption is like but they work without any problems, (on the solution I run 2) I have been successfully using them for at least 5 years on Zero88 desks so would recommend them.


this is the one from Amazon but a quick search I am sure you will find many other suppliers




Note to plug them into the back of the solution or sides of the FLX i use a USB right angle adapter to reduce the strain on the socket.



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