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Is it possible to have the FLX send out midi control on certain cues?

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I work on a lot of dance shows where the sound just consists of playing a pre-recorded track, but I have several lighting cues depending on when the dancers are on stage, it would be great if I could set the first cue of that dance routine to cue the music.


I know i can have the sound cue the lighting desk but given there is only one sound cue to many lighting cues it makes more seance to have it the other way around, 'lighting cues sound'.

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scoloco2 is partly correct!


The FLX does have MIDI In and MIDI Out, however currently the "Out" is set to "Thru", so whatever you pump into the "In" will automatically be sent through the "Out". This is because currently ZerOS doesn't support MIDI Out, but it's something we're looking at adding one day.

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