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Midi via usb on a laptop

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I'm looking into the possibility of driving our new FLX from my laptop via usb and a midi interface of some kind. For shows I use Multiplay which is a brilliant FREE show sound package and it has the option to control midi devices as it can send midi control codes.

I would like to trigger the master go button via these codes.


1. Is this possible?

2. What usb to midi convertor would I need?


Thanks in advance


Chris Lucas

Buckley Theatre Club



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It is posible. From what i remember from a similar post if you use midi show control then this activates the master go. If you use midi time code then can activate a specific cue.


As for usb to midi i would say any will do providing it is transmiting the midi standard. I use a cheap usb to midi dongle i found on ebay to control our sound cues with no problems.


I hope this helps you a bit with getting your midi up and running.

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Hi Keredyelesob and Jon


Thanks for the info. Good to know it should work.


I think I'll go for the Roland one mk2. It's a lot dearer but the reviews are much better. Only complaints were the price. I don't like some of the reviews on the cheap ones and the article you mentioned Jon was not clever. I can't be bothered tinkering with one just to make it work. Don't know how long it would last and I'd rather not take a chance with our new desk.


Cheers Both


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