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Hello all,


I'm needing to program a set of chases into the jester ml desk (ml 12/24) and I wondered if I can set the chases to be run separately. So can I have one running at a set speed, and one running at a speed as set by a sound input?


I know this can be done by manually changing the way the chases run but I want to know if I can program the change. Programming a change would make it easier, as I'm aware the show will be stressful to operated technically.





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Hi James,


When enabled, the Sound Input will always take priority over the speed.


However, it should only work if the console's receiving a sound signal, so if there's no sound coming into the console, the chase will run at whatever speed has been programmed.


This is probably the easiest solution for you - mute the sound coming into the console and only unmute it when you want it.



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