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Solution and Touchscreen

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a friend of mine tried my solution console and decided to buy one himself (some months ago)
same console and same touch-screen (IIyama T1731SR-B1) and all worked fine for a couple of months (he uses the latest official firmware 7.8.2, as I do myself)
but two month ago he lost the touch-function of the screen (without doing anything special) ! just from one moment to the other there were no more touch-possibility - and no way to calibrate the thing !!!! => when trying to calibrate, the first cross illuminates but nothing more happens (no other crosses are appearing...)... and in the "system-info" one can see that the the screen is recognized correctly (and the mouse is working)
after some tests , changing cables and reinstalling the firmware etc etc..., he supposed that the touch-screen was in failure and bought a new one (exactly the same!!)
but it would not work either
so he sent the console back to Axente (our french distributor where he bought it ) who kept the console for about 6 weeks
they saw the problem but couldn't fix it and they pretend now that this is just a problem of screen-compatibility - and customers fault (because the T1731SR-B1 is not in the list of the official manual)
and they refuse to take this problem in guaranty and/or to fix the thing (they sent the console back without resolving the problem)

this is really not acceptable !! :angry:
for sure the T1732SR-B1 does not appear in the list of compatible touch-screens (but the T1531SR-B1 does !!!!); but anyway : this T1732SR-B1 worked fine for a couple of months on this same console !!
it works fine also for myself since already a long time , without any hassle and it works fine with other users....

does any user on this forum had already such problems ?
we wrote to Zero88 but no answer.... :huh:

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Hi Ziglight, did you get any further with this?

I was thinking (although you may have already tried this), what happens if you reinstall the software? this may make the desk forget the monitor.


My thinking is, if the desk remembers the monitor by assigning it an ID, then the desk decides it will not work with that monitor then it will always remember that the monitor wont work, if you can get the desk to competently forget the monitor then it may start working.


I have the same monitor and same desk and have not had this problem, but i am a little worried it will happen to me, so just wondered how you got on with this

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Last week, I did lots of tests with two Solution desks and three touchscreens.

The latest iiyama tsr models definitely don't work with the latest Firmwares ZerOS. Thats a fact !

My two years old model works fine but another same reference but 6 months old model won't work ( but works fine again under ZerOS 7.7)

Its very very strange !

Another funny behaviour :

Try the screen under ZerOS 7.8.2 and it does not work and there is no way to calibrate ( the thing rests stuck on the first sign...)

Now go back toOS 7.8.1 or 7.7....you will be able to calibrate the screen ( the calibration signs move on) but touch fonction still won't work !! You have to shut down the touchscreen electrically and only after restart of the sreen it will work

Very strange.....

And with my own two years old iiyama screen I never had such problems, with newer screen some more people seems to have lots of strange issues with the latest zero firmwares....

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