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Using Next and Prev

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often i want to use Next an Prev to select fixtures. But i cant find out when the arrow keys left and right acts as Next and Prev. Most times, im only navigating in the table cells of the playback window or somewhere else.


Is there a way to consequently use them as Next an Prev? Can i configure UDKs with Next and Prev?

If not, may you implement something like this in the next version?




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Hi Jan,


In the next software release, Next / Previous will work solidly when "Highlight" is enabled. Only when Highlight's enabled will Next / Previous be supported.


All the best,



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Hi Jon,


i remember Next and Previous worked in every situation with a older version? (Or was it the ORB??)


I really liked to use it to select colours or positions for a group of lights. Maybe you could make Next and Previous available in all situations by pressing Shift and Arrow Keys together?


A other cool feature would be the following:


1 and 2 and 5 and 10 Enter : Selects 1, 2, 5, 10

Next : Selects 1

Next : Selects 2

Next : Selects 5

Next : Selects 10

Next : Selects 1

Prev : Selects 10

Clear : Clears selection

11 Enter : Selects 11

Next : Select 12



So you're moving in the selected group of lights until the next clear.



Just as an idea - would be a great time-saver in my opinion!

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