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relational intensity when calling a cue stack from another cue stack

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I know this has been mentioned in the past but I am unable to find the post or if it got assigned a bug/enhancement number, so I thought I would mention it again just in case it has been overlooked.


When you have a cue stack call another cue stack using the built in macros is it possible to have the calling (master) cue stack control the intensity of the called (slave) cue stacks. So the intensity is in relation to the main stack.


Currently if I call a chase stored in stack 4 from the main stack 0 it runs at full intensity, if I bring down the fader for stack 0 it would be useful if stack 4 also dimmed but it stays at full intensity.

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Added this as a comment onto ZOS-6105, which is an issue about integrating triggered playbacks more closly with the playback that triggered them (for example, making them "track" through, so if you jump around the cue stack, the playbacks correctly trigger and release etc).

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