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Manually tagging/untagging parameters

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This isn't a big thing but is a shame the functionality has gone in the latest release, is there a chance it will come back?


"To manually tag or untag a parameter, just tap it’s box on the touchscreen above the encoder wheel"


since the central encoder button displays the parameter options (really good function :) ) the old tag untag functionality has gone, both touch screen and encoder buttons are linked to the same function.


Can this be separated so that the touch screen controls tagging of parameters, and encoder button shows the perimeter options?


I know you can use the clear whilst moving the encoder wheel option but the other method was so much nicer.


like i say not a 'high important' request but a nice to have.



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So how DO you untag a parameter now? Trying to record my RGB LEDs colours onto playbacks for manual mixing, but it's recording all colours to each playback so you can't mix them.


Before, I'd only tag the individual colour for each playback by untagging the other two. Can't see any way to make that happen now.

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