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FLX Locking up

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Hi Guys

We have noticed a bit of an issue. If you use the Z button "Save Show" it locks up the desk completely.

Tried it tonight at the theatre after we made a few changes and needed top save them to USB stick.

If you go into setup and save show from there its all ok. comes up with the sub menu and you can put in the details and all is well. With the Z button option, nothing happens but the desk is frozen. Powering down and up brings it all back on and nothing is lost.


Also -

Many Thanks to Tyler for a fun training day on Monday. We learned a lot and now have to play with all our new toys....


If you need any logs etc. please let me know.



Chris Lucas

Buckley Theatre Club.


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Hi both - thanks for reporting this, it should already be fixed in the latest software which we've just released - please give it a go and let us know.


When you use "Save Show" inside the Z button, if the show hasn't saved yet, it will ask you to give it a name, if it's already been saved, it will automatically save it with an incrememnt on the end... so "Aladdin" will save as "Aladdin1", "Aladdin1" will sabe as "Aladdin2" etc etc

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