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I have setup some scrollers this evening that I am adding to our stock. Is it possible to save a colour palette in a way that I can recall it everytime I use the scrollers? A bit like the autopalette function but using a palette I have created?


Or have you any other solutions to ease the use of these scrollers or any other fixtures we may purchase in the future?




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Hi I am not sure is this helps but if you add the scroller fron the standard fixtures library and select the segments your scroller has, when you run the auto pallets it will create a colour palette for each segment. Although it will just name them as frame 1,frame 2.... you can rename them or just jot them down on a cheat sheet.


Hope this helps

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Hi Paul,


You can also create your own fixture library, and in the "details" you can add each frame, and give each one an RGB value.


When you then create auto palettes, these will be populated in automatically.


You can download the tools, including a PDF instructions sheet, from this link:



I hope this helps,



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