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fourth encoder wheel seems under used

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Hi since version v7.8.3.2 you have made the intensity available (through the setup) on the first encoder wheel, i really like this,

I have however noticed that the fourth encoder wheel does not get assigned parameters very often, in past releases i thought it was just the way my custom fixtures where setup but now i am unsure.

The problem

if I set the intensity to always show on the first encoder,

select a fixture

Select effects pallets

select an effect

the encoders show [intensity, speed,size and nothing].

If i press the effects button again (used to show more parameters) then the fourth encoder shows offset.

This also happens with position,

default i get [intensity,pan,tilt, nothing]

pressing the position button a second time i get [intensity ,pan,tilt,motor speed].

The following problem may be my custom fixtures.

If i don't have the intensity set to always show.

I have a custom red,green,blue,white LED fixture,

if i select colour i only see [Red,Green, Blue nothing] across the encoders.

if i select colour again i get [white, nothing nothing,nothing] across the encoders.

is it possible for all four of the encoders to populate without making an new fixture?

I have the same problem with beam shape and position.

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Hi keredyelesob,


Thank you for the feedback on the beta software. Please could you email me your custom fixture profile, and your current showfile with the fixture patched?

My email address is in my signature below.





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