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eurolite led bar 2 rgba\rgbw 252\10 fixture help

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Hello All

I am trouble with the eurolite rgba bar 2 fixtures, could you please create them for me?


the 6 channels version is this:

ch1 0-255 red

ch2 0-255 green

ch3 0-255 blue

ch4 0-255 amber

ch5 0-255 master dimmer

ch6 0 on - 1-5 sound control - 6-10 on - 11-55 flash



I am very interested to the 19 channels fixture which i have attached description.


will very appreciate your help


all the best :) :)

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Hi Jon, thanks for your quick replay, I have attached another file, could you try to open this?


many many thanks





hello again, I cant find your file for the 6 ch version,...could you attach it again ?





pdf euroligts.pdf

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Hi gmanno,


Sorry - reattached the 6ch profile to the post above.


For the 19 channel mode, we suggest patching this as four separate fixtures (one for each "cell" of the bar), which will make it easier for you to program (so long as your console can support the increased number of fixtures).


I've attached a personality, with the first 7 channels (mode, dimmer, strobe and the first cell of R,G,B,A). For the other three cells, use the "RGBA" profile that's within "Standard Fixtures" > "Conventionals".


So, if the bar is addressed to DMX 50, you'd patch the following on the console:


Cell 1 - Address 50 - RGBA Bar 2 (profile attached below - 7 channels)

Cell 2 - Address 57 - RGBA (Standard Fixtures > Conventionals - 4 channels)

Cell 3 - Address 61 - RGBA (Standard Fixtures > Conventionals - 4 channels)

Cell 4 - Address 65 - RGBA (Standard Fixtures > Conventionals - 4 channels)


Hope this makes sense?


RGBA Bar 2 19ch (first 7ch only).ift

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