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Multiple select in patch

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If I've used the patch wizard to add say 10 Mac 700s and 20 LED PARs as well as a few conventionals. Is there any way in "Edit Fixtures" to select multiple fixtures? Say I want to invert pan on all my Mac 700s, can I highlight them all or tag them in some way? It's a pain to have to select each one and set them individually.


I recently had 64 LEDs and I needed to set their "Home" intensity to '0'. That took me absolutely ages!



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You can select each "fixture type" individually, by pressing the GROUP key when viewing the Edit Fixtures window.


Every time you press GROUP, you'll get the next type of fixture (the name of the fixture type will be displayed in the title bar along the top of the screen).


So, when you first go into Edit Fixtures, you'll get "All Fixtures", press GROUP and you'll get "Dimmers" (for example). Press GROUP again, and you'll get "Mac 700s". Then "LED Pars". Then you'll go back to "All Fixtures" and start the cycle again.


You can then use the "All" row just to alter this type of fixture.

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