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LOAD multiple submaster to programmer

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Is there a possibility to load multiple submasters in the programmer? Something like:



Details: As the first step on a new ORB XF, we have programmed the submasters. Now, we try to switch to cues and it would be nice to use the settings of multiple submasters to create a cue. We know that SMART TAG would be an option, but, it cause some other problems (not all active lights should be stored in the cue).


Thank you,



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Hi Marsie,

No, you can't load multiple submasters at the same time. The "Load" button takes the data stored within the submaster and loads it into the programmer, which means there would be a lot of conflicts when multiple submasters have different information for the same fixture.


As you say, "Smart Tag" and / or Cue Only would be the way we'd do this. Could you use this in combination with "Selected Fixtures" within the Record Window to only record the values of the fixtures you want to record? If there's a selection of fixtures you always want to not record (Smoke Machine, House Lights etc), you could create a group of these and then use the syntax GROUP GROUP EXCEPT GROUP x RECORD which will select all the fixtures (GROUP GROUP) apart from the fixtures in "Group x".

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