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At a festival only a few days ago, both me,fatfrog,noise boy his effects rack and desk found out the hard way that unlike it`s name the FATFROG does not like mud!!

The local builder constructed both stage & F.O.H tower. I was set up on the upper deck frog, monitor & keyboard throwing some colour into a grey overcast summers day.

After a couple of hours programming the FOH sound desk appeared! yes all 52 channels sitting on a fork lift, why so duck big i wondered when i have 512 channels and i can carry it my self?

Any who the fork lift clipped the FOH tower BRINGING me and an array of FOH equipment into the soft sticky $#ite which surounded it`s base.

Now who ever came up with the idea to call the desk after something which loves water should think again.

The only fatality on the day was my monitor and keyboard, the frog was covered in mud head to flipper, it still worked did the show.

Cheers to the designers of the armoured FATFROG!. :)

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Could be worse.


Some body dropped a whole bottle of Brezzer into an XLS. They then took the desk home and left it in the Bath for a day to wash it out. They then wondered why it was not working. When sent back the battery was a few times the size it should be, and the tracks had started to rust and all the carbon pads under the switches were washed off. What was worse the desk was three weeks old :oops:


We also had a Fat Frog that took a whole bottle of bubbly being sprayed into it. After it was left to sober up it only had two stuck buttons that was easily taken care of with some switch cleaner. :)


PS: What evey you do don't try giving it Guiness, as I can't vouch for what this will do to it. :wink:

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Well I`m still picking bits of mud out from the fader tracks, but in true lamping spirit, wrap it in tin foil " IT WON`T BLOW NOW!", No I can`t change that gell, no I`m NOT part of the band, & yes I do want my money up front!

until the next cartoon "HEADS DOWN MOLES TO FULL!!!"


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I too can vouch for the waterloving frog. Last years reunion tour for The Pogues saw me, a FatFrog and the noise boys pair of H3000s getting hit on a daily basis with a barage of guinness and other beverages as the crowd expressed their joy at hearing "Streams of Whisky" one more time.


Not a problem though which is more than can be said for the H3000s!



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