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FLX Manual - is it the "easter egg" ?

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I am almost sure this will have been asked already so sincerest apologies if it has....


....but i cannot find a manual on your website for the FLX (i think the FLX manual is the "easter egg" of the Zero88 website LOL!). Would you chaps be ever so kind and forward one to me.


I have to do a walk through various scenarios with a tech buyer this week, and possibly am speccing an FLX.


It would be most appreciated thanks,


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The FLX manual is a bit like Big Foot... many have rumored its existence, a few even claimed to have witnessed one, but nobody claims to actually HAVE one because it doesn't exist. (yet)


I find it very odd that they haven't made sure the manual was ready for the consoles launch. It seems like a pretty basic requirement to me, the quick start gives you the very basics. But after that... well you could use the Orb or Solution manual, they share a lot of similarities. After that though, you'll have to ask here, or contact Zero 88 support. Hopefully they'll release it soon, but my guess is they are waiting to get the new version of ZerOS finished before they print the manual.

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my guess is they are waiting to get the new version of ZerOS finished before they print the manual.

This :-)


We've spoken to a lot of people about our previous manuals, so we're hoping the new FLX one will be much simpler and easier to understand.


Out of interest, how did you find the style of the Quick Start Guide?

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Our FLX is getting delivered this week and i reckon i don't have much experience regarding ORB or Solution, so operating a zerOS console is quite new to me.

Do you have a release date for the full manual?


We have a fairly huge production starting the next week and i'd like to read a little ahead.

Maybe a "beta-version" or at least some chapters of the manual are already available?


Or maybe something like a "cheat-sheet" for all the keyboard-shortcuts and double button presses?



Any help here is much appreciated!

Thanks a lot


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