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FLX Software - Open Beta

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ZerOS 7.8.3 has been released and so the Public Beta has now closed.

The new software can be download from zero88.com/software/zeros

Hi All,


As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency during FLX software development, we're releasing an Open Beta of the next version of ZerOS.


What is ZerOS?
ZerOS is the software that runs on FLX. A slightly different version of ZerOS also runs on many other Zero 88 consoles, such as the ORB XF and Solution series.


What is an Open Beta?
The Open Beta lets you test-drive new ZerOS software and provide us with feedback before it's officially released to the public.
How do I participate?
Download the file attached below, and follow the instructions carefully. Remember that you run this software at your own risk. Although we always try our best to help in all situations, please be sensible when you install this software. Don't install new software on your console mid-run or when it is critical that your console is fully operational. If you are going to load a showfile onto Beta Software, please keep an original version of the showfile safe, in case the Beta Software saves data that can not be read on a previous Release Version of ZerOS.
How should I report an issue?
All issues should be reported directly to support@zero88.com. When reporting any errors, it's helpful to include as much information as possible, including:
  • A copy of the showfile if available
  • Any debug files the console has offered you
  • Instructions on how to recreate the issue (including cue / channel numbers etc)
  • A list of external devices plugged into the console (remote triggers? audio input? Touch Screen? Mouse? Keyboard? etc etc)


How do I install the Open Beta?

To install, download the file attached below, unzip it, and drag the .exe file onto a USB stick (don't put it inside any folders). Plug the USB stick into your console, and go into SETUP. Go to “Load file”, and select the file from the list displayed on screen. Follow the onscreen instructions.



***PLEASE NOTE: This version of ZerOS and Phantom ZerOS only supports FLX for now***
Thank you for testing ZerOS - if you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Telephone: +44 (0)1633 833101
Email: support@zero88.com


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