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Jon Hole

FLX Software - what's next?

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Hi All,


We really appreciate all the feedback we're receiving on our new FLX console. As more and more people start using FLX, more and more requests for features come in. We have to manage these requests and prioritise them, to ensure we give you the most requested functionality as soon as possible.


To try to be as transparent as possible during this process, we're revealing an overview of our provisional software roadmap for the next few months.



Please remember - this is provisional, and until software is released there is no guarantee of what will and won't make it in the release. Below is purely our intention, and not a guarantee.


ZerOS 7.8.3 - released: zero88.com/software/zeros

  • Output window can be viewed on internal monitor (when external monitor isn't present) by using SHIFT+VIEW
  • Command line always available on internal monitor (when external monitor isn't present)
  • Record Window viewable by pressing & holding RECORD
  • Scrollbars and keyboard size improved for easier usability on internal touchscreen
  • Support for ZerOS Wing
  • Phantom ZerOS for FLX
  • UDK improvements
  • Over 30 other security, stability and speed enhancements


ZerOS 7.8.4 - released: zero88.com/software/zeros

  • Option to lock intensity to first encoder wheel
  • Blind Mode
  • Additional chase options per attribute
  • "Goto Cue" functionality
  • Flash button options for Playbacks
  • VIEW + Playback will change view automatically
  • Add fixture names into the output window
  • Touch scrolling
  • Updating groups & palettes
  • "Release all" function
  • Coarse & Fine movements on encoder wheels (in addition to the current proportional behaviour)
  • Improved fixtures display in Output Window
  • Central encoder button to allow choice of specific parameter setting
  • "Auto" trigger with previous cue (currently only after previous cue)


ZerOS 7.8.5 - released: zero88.com/software/zeros

  • Further "copy" functionality
  • Update Window
  • Time/Delay/Attribute options during Record and Update syntax
  • UDK Pages
  • Improved Highlight functionality


Above is not an exhaustive list, it's just the key features we're planning for the next three software releases.

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Hi Jon,


thank you for sharing your plans with us.


Did you have a central place where feature request, ideas or bug reports are collected? Or should we share those with you by mail or via various threads in the forum?



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Hi jw-lighting,


Either via the forum or directly by email is great. Those will then get logged onto an internal system called Gemini, and we'll give you a reference number for each one (usually formatted ZOS-xxxx).



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