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ASCi and ZerOS...

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is there any ASCi code inside the ZerOS ??

is there any possibility to export a patch-file ? (text or ASCi....)

is there any possibility whatever, to edit something (memories, groups, Subs etc etc) in text-mode (ASCi) ??


(I know that the console, Solution in my case, accepts some common syntax orders by command line; my question concerns the export-import-exchange facilities !! - and/or accessing the show-file in text-mode... as it is so easy with other brands, ETC, Avab and others....)

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Hi Ziglight,


You can export to a CSV file (comma separated values, which can then be imported into a spreadsheet application such as Excel etc).

We can also import ASCII Showfiles.


Currently, we don't export ASCII or import CSV but it's on the to-do list!

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hello Jon

thanks for your answer

yess I tried already the CSV-Export of the memory-Cue-list (that's okey for heaving a look into the Cue-List and would be nice to have that feature also for SubMaster and surely for the patch-file !!)


I will try the ASCII import option (didn't see that...)


I was working on Congo and Cobalt since a while and wondering if I can use/import some of my files (or parts of it) into my Solution Desk

also wondering if there is a possibility to use D-Light show-files with Zero88 hardware (which is absolutely no problem with Avab and ETC hard or software)

I am also used to edit sometimes things directly in the ASCi files in text-mode which is rather quick


I just tried some Imprts

seems not to work with shows coming from Congo neither Cobalt (no way to get anything out of it....)

but it seems to work (at least partially a little bit)- with ETC showfiles and with D-Light (color-palettes and Cue-Lists are showing up)

but generally lots of failed failed failed failed....

this kind of IMPORT does not really work !!!

is there any documentation to see what could be possible ? (at least in theory !)

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