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colour picker - RGBW and RGBWA fixtures

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Hi Jon,


is there any other way to control the intensity of white or amber leds manually? Where is the attribute located ("Beam", "Shape", ...)?


In my concrete case i want to control the color rings of a Robe Robin LEDWash 300 seperatly. They also have white leds and a color temperatur control. How to control the individual rings and color temp.?

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Hi jw-lighting,


Yes, of course, all the colour parameters appear on the encoder wheels when you press "colour". If there are more than four, just press "colour" again and it will cycle through the available parameters.


There will be a software update later this year which will make control of multi-cell fixtures (such as the Robin LEDWash 300) much much easier.


These can then be recorded into colour palettes etc.



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