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parallel playbacks - htp and/or ltp?

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since the full manual is not yet published, we got some questions concerning playbacks and flx.


Imagine the following the situation:

Programmed Playback 1, Cue 1:

Some RGB-LED fixtures @ 100% intensity, Color: red


Programmed Playback 2, Cue1:

The exact same RGB-LED fixtures @ 100% intensity, Color: blue


Sliding Fader 1 up to full, running Playback 1, Cue 1 we see the fixtures light up in red light, just as we expect.

Now, touching Fader 2 und sliding up to full running Playback 2, Cue1, what is the result? (note: Fader 1 running Playback 1 Cue 1 is untouched at full output)


a ) HTP-merge of the output: red and blue combines to magenta

b ) LTP-merge of the output: the fixtures become blue

c ) Nothing happens since playback 1 is not released

d ) something different?


Thanks very much.


Best regards


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Hi Mathias,


If you do exactly what you've written, you'll get B - the fixture will become blue.

However, if you'd prefer A, this page shows you how to make RGB Submasters on our other ZerOS consoles.



Doing it on FLX is very similar... the only slight difference is you go into the Stack Setting and change the "Fader Controls" there:


Fader Control.png

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Hi Jon,


How do you handle the "untagging" of parameters on the FLX? Is it still holding "Clear" and touching the encoder? I thought I tried that when I was used it the other day, but if I recall it didn't seem to do anything? Perhaps there was another setting I needed to change?

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