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Update Frog2 to ZerOS 7.8.2

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I wanted to update my Frog2 console from OS 7.7.0 to 7.8.2.
While checking the hardware, the software shows me that there is the wrong "flash storage size".

There is a 1GB compact flash Card (CF) inside the desk.
Can I change this card to an 2 or 4 GB card ?


Best regards,


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i have the same problem with Frog2 ( one USB Port on front ). Updating from Zeros 7.8.0 to does not work.

There is an error Message "incorrect flash size". The flash card size is 4GB.


Best regards



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Hi Andreas,


We're about to start beta testing 7.8.1, which brings the FLX software over to Solution and FROG2.


I think this should solve your problem too.


Would you mind giving it a go in a week or two? If so, can you email me on the address below, and when we're ready, I'll let you know.


All the best,


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