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Lightmaster XL DMX dips/powerdips

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I have an old XL console, i'd like to repair. The dmx output on all the channels seems to be fluctuating in value, wich means a scan mirror or a par can will start vibrating because its getting different values all the time. It looks like the powersupply is instable beceause it happens on all the channels on the same time, also all the green leds are dipping.

The fluctuation is about 5 % of the set value. Any quick ideas where i should try looking? (electronically speaking).

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It may not even be the power supply but the processor/main board - when did you last replace the rechargeable battery?


If the battery has never been replaced - it may be leaking and eating the mainboard, if the battery has been replaced - what state was it in & was the main board cleaned up? The battery is located above and to the right of the processor - if it has leaked then it's not far for the acid to creep and start eating other tracks.


You need to get the desk to a Zero88 Repair centre for them to check the mainboard over but given it's age - it might be time to replace the desk altogether :(

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