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Deleting Submasters


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Hello everyone,


I think there's an issue on deleting submasters.

After deleting, the stored preset is still active so you have to take all the channels down by moving faders or by leaving and entering program mode again.

I can't see any utility in this, so is it a bug or a feature?



Kind regards,


Jan Seemüller

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Hi Jan,


This is how the Jester 12/24 and 24/48 has always worked. In Program Mode, when you select a sub or memory, the contents is "loaded" into a kind of "programmer", ready for you to do something with it - like modifying it or storing it somewhere else.


It's different than in Run Mode, when it's being played back live from the submaster / memory itself.


Therefor, when you delete something, you're only deleting the sub / memory itself, not the additional info in this kind of "programmer" - that's still there incase you want to do something with it (and to stop the stage being plunged into a backout!).

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