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Custom macro - jump to submaster page

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Is there any way of creating macro or something else that would jump straight to specified submasters page?

If not, could this be added to feature request list? Under "urgent" :P ?
I imagine this is not that much to do, just snap to some page instead of going slowli through Up/Down pages...

Could come very very handy, since page up/down function is rather slow... this would make the console pretty closer to the avolite's cueroller... ;)




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Hi I asked a similar question some time ago regarding recording a macro to run a sub master on a specific page. the thread can be found here




but in short, the answer is no! you cant record a macro to jump to a specific page as macros record button presses. On the solution desk the button press to get to a sub-master page is page up or page down. not like on the orb where you enter the command



Jon from Zero88 did say they are looking at renovating Macros inn the future, but not sure when this may be.


Hope this answers your question.

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Yep, I know its possible to record button presses, which I did, to fast jump for +5, +10, -5 and -10, which still makes jumping faster than with page up/down buttons.

Though, since macros have an option to record "Command", I was hoping that there exists such command, as you mentioned, sub-page-x... Too bad it doesn't. :/

Thanks for the thread as well. I hope it actually will be made sometimes soon... actually soon ;)

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