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controlling leapfrog 48 with scs

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I am using a leapfrog 48 (without upgrade kit) and show cue system professional. (windows 7)


Is there any possibility to run the next q by hitting the go button in show cue system?


My idea was to send an dmx to the console but I can only run submaster via dmx in. and scs can't send dmx.


Any idea? Artnet?


I don't wanna hit two go buttons any longer or hit time cues.




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I also have SCS (Professional) and having looked at the SCS online comparisons it looks like you'd need SCS Professional Plus for DMX working - that said, sending of MIDI/RS232 from SCS is permitted in SCS Professional.


The manual [ http://www.showcuesystems.com/scs11help/topics/prod-cc-dmx.htm ], also seems to read that the SCS software only works as DMX in; i.e. DMX sent from a console - " For DMX Control you need an Enttec 'DMX USB PRO'. (Note that the cheaper Enttec 'Open DMX USB' is not suitable as this only supports DMX Send, not DMX Receive.)" [ http://www.showcuesystems.com/scs11help/topics/scs-features.htm ] [ http://www.showcuesystems.com/scs11help/topics/prod-cc-dmx.htm ]. The last thing I found was "SCS also has the ability to activate cues from MIDI, RS232, DMX and Telnet input messages (provided you have the appropriate license level)" - note that DMX is striked out which reads that SCS is not able to send DMX :(


Midi would seem an option but you would need the console upgrade kit fitted?


I welcome any clarification on this :)





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Hi Both,


Yes - the "proper" way to do this is via MIDI Show Control (MSC) using our SMPTE/MIDI/Remote/CAN PCB Upgrade Kit.


List price is £108 / €135, and it's part number 12-123-99.


If SCS was to allow DMX Out (I'm not too familiar with the software), you could potentially use DMX to trigger the submaster, and then run a macro on that submaster to press GO - but that really is a workaround rather than a nice solution.

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thanks for the replies. I didnt get an email about new replies, so sorry for my late reply.


SCS doesnt support DMX out (in none of the levels), just MIDI.


Yes i could buy this upgrade kit, but i need it just some weeks each year, so i would prefer a solution with an DMX interface.


Running the Submaster with the Macro works perfect, so i have to find a solution to convert midi to DMX. Do you have aby Idea?


Or is there any other Idea running "GO" without the upgrade Kit?


Thanks a lot



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