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Phantom jester ML24 usb problems

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Good afternoon,


I attended the course on Tuesday. Since I got back I have been trying to load the custom fixtures and latest fixture library into the phantom jester deck. I have saved them to the root directory of a usb stick and have made sure that the settings points to that stick. When I try to load the fixtures it says no files found. any ideas what it could be I have download the latest copy of the phantom desk.


many thanks







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Hi Mark,


It sounds like you've done most things but I've listed everything here for completeness.

  1. Have you downloaded the correct version of the library (the "filtered" version). You can download it here: http://zero88.com/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/58/
  2. Have you pointed Phantom Jester to your USB stick? It do this by clicking "Settings" in the small Phantom Jester window:
  3. Are you going into Setup (SHIFT+MODE), <Update Fixture Lib>, <Update Library>
  4. What size memory stick are you using? We know sometimes the Jester hardware struggles with larger USB sticks (try one that's 4GB or lower)

Hope this helps,



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FAT32 - it's an easier filing system to read/write files too than trying to create the internal structures that NTFS needs.

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Are you plugging the stick in to the PC before you start the Phantom Jester software?


If I recall there were issues with not reading USB sticks on Jesters if the stick was plugged in once the desk was powered - this was likely a software issue with the software not recognising the stick was there (and so might have found itself in to the Phantom software).


Some sticks can be slow in being mounted by a PC as well - it's just the way they're made - try inserting the stick, let Windows tell you that there's a new stick inserted (the Autoplay window) and how do you want to treat it (just close that notification) then start Phantom and try reading the stick.

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