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Crash and Restart Problem

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ORB XF crashed when clicking back in patch help screen. When restarted, using cue 0 results in no 0 intensity value appearing under channel, just blank. This is the same during cue stack playback. Has something just changed to hide this?

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Hi Phil,


If you're in tracking mode, I'd only expect "0"s to appear if that data was in the cue.


Cue 0 is a blackout, but as it's at the start of the stack, I wouldn't expect to see any "0"s, as no channels have to "change" to get to the blackout, if that makes any sense?!

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Makes sense


I was in non-tracking when it crashed (and use in non-tracking all the time)

The '0' values dissapeared for every cue that was there.

I solved it by loading previous saved files - it just seamed strange...


And on a very random side note, twice I've clicked on to the forum homepage link from a Google search and been taken to Adult Friend Finder or some similar name... could it be the forum end? :-/

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