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programming a flash

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I have a specific need for a flash of certain lights and this needs to be in a scene memmory.

I have tried a chase but this keeps on repeating the sequence of on off on off etc.

I have tried a snap fade but this just leaves the lights on (obviously).

I need certain lights to come on - stay on for, say, 0.5 seconds - then go off.


The only asnswer I have come up with is one scene memmory for the lights to come on and the next for the lights to go off, and I have to press the go button twice quickly. I dont like that very much though.


Any ideas guys please?



desk=jester 24/48 R2


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The only thing I can think of is to put your 'flash' lights onto a sub master and use the sub master flash button - hold button for your half a second then release. That's usually a bit easier and cleaner to do than a double tap on the GO button.


Having had a read of the manual I think they are probably your two options.


Submaster programme is page 13 and use in Run mode is page 24 of the manual.



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