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monitor follows page setting on console

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in another topic I already mentioned that sometimes when changing the pages of Submasters on the Desk, the monitor will not follow...

okey this happens just sometimes and I never could work it out what could be the reason => I can't recreate this bug! It just "happens sometimes"...


but there is another strange thing in the same way


for my live-work-flow I have all my pallets in quarter-size on desktop 2 on the monitor (so 25 pallets are shown for each quarter-window whith a scroll-slider on the right side ) and tabs on the monitors bottom

now what happens is the following : when I hit on the desk for exemple the group-number 37; the window (on the monitor) scrolls automaticly to show the button row where is number 37 (and it works all the way up, up to 400 - the window does automatic-scrolling)

but but but :

this only works for the GROUP WINDOW and for no other palette window... all other windows stay on what is shown in the beginning , independent what MFG on what-ever page I hit on the desk !! (there is no "automatic-scroll")

why is this ???? why does it work on the group window and not on the other windows ??


and here is an additional request :

when I hit a (virtual soft-)button on my touchscreen (pallets, groups, effects, macros etc), the button gets "active" and its (background)color turns into black

I would love to have the same thing when I hit the MFG button on the desk !!

I mean : when I hit a pallet (or whatever) on the desk, say COLOUR number3, nothing on the monitor shows that now this "colour-palette no.3" is active !

same thing with all others like for example groups :

when I choose a group on the touch-screen it gets active and I see which group is active; when I do the same thing on the desk, nothing is shown on the monitor

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