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FROG with MAc 250's ....

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:( well. i have a show , in a 2 weeks and i'm trying to get my head around this problem.


i'm using my fat frog and just 4 mac 250's for this event.Yet what i'm trying to accompilish doesnt seem to work . I have four Merecedes logos, on each mac for this

And i want is to have 1 on with logo while the other 3 are either static or moving but no logo.

Then automatically THAT MAC to FAde down and for eg : MAc (2) to fade up with logo. and i would like this to go for around 30 mins continously so i do not have to sit there and hit buttons. PLEASE HELP MANY thanks Dap

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One possible method is as follows:


Program each of the separate states as scene memories.

Make the first memory have a Go trigger or timed trigger (as appropriate)

Set the dwell time to the length of time you wish to have this state on the outputs.

Make all subsequent memories have automatic triggers.

Set the dwell times to the length of time you wish to have each state on the outputs.

Put a Jump on the last memory back to the second memory.

Trigger the first memory and watch it run continuously :D


For example:


Memory 1: Initial state : Go or Timed trigger.

Memory 2: state 1 : automatic trigger.

Memory 3: state 2 : automatic trigger.

Memory 4: state 3 : automatic trigger.


... etc.


Memory X: state X-1 : automatic trigger: Jump: memory 2

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