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Basic Colour RGB Values for Solution

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I was wondering whether anybody has created an RGB value list for the basic colours so that is is easy to enter them into a solution because the generators online make the RGB top value of 255 whereas the solution only goes up to 100.


Many Thanks



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you get the color-picker in the Solution (and ZerOS)

very very useful ! (you can get primary colors, chromatic colors, but also, Lee or Rosco refs etc etc....)


if you need to know yhe values : first pick up the color you want; and then go Sliders et you'll see the values (RGB, CMY and HUE !)

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Keredyelesob is correct - you are seeing a percentage rather than the DMX values.


If you really want to change it, you can do, but it will change all the percentages to DMX values instead (including intensity).


In the Output Window, click "Window Setup". In this window, click the first button along, and you should get the below four options:


Percent - Shows all values as a percentage between 0% and 100%

DMX - Shows all values as a DMX value between 0 and 255

Details (%) - Shows channel details if available, and a percentage if not

Details (DMX) - Shows channel details if available, and a DMX value if not


"Channel Details" are things like colour / gobo wheels, shutter settings etc, where we should you names values rather than just a number.


Choose which one you would like, and then click OK. This will change everything in the Output Window, but also on the LCDs above the wheels.

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