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Hi Anyone,

Help! Maybe im looking over something here but... I am using a solution 48 and having issues with updating a memory. Basically my problem is that i have a memory that is used as a cue stack with static and effects(ie figure 8). I want my second cue to have a different gobo or color from the one i initially programmed. How can i update this without it completely overwriting the previous cue? I hit update when im running the memory but it erases the previous program within that memory. I hope im explaining it correctly.

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I would simply create a CUE where I tag only the parameter which should change

say you have CUE10 and you want only the Gobo change on some fixtures

so créate and insert CUE 10.1 with only the Gobo Chanel taged for the fixtures you want to change (all other parameters should be untagged) and record the new Gobo-Value

... and thats it !!

another way (maybe more comfortable) is to create palettes and then record these palettes as references into your CUEs...(the CUEs will update when you update the palettes)


if you want only edit one parametrer in a given CUE, the best is to do it on the monitor (in the window Memory-Editor)

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