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Hi Guys

Quick one, I've been asked about a problem that a student is having with a leap frog desk at my old high school.
I've moved away from lighting these days and am more stage orientated so looking for some help.
The problem is they have some Mac 250 Kryptons that when they hit the home button 1 doesn't not open the gobo but sends it to the yellow spiral, but everything else it acts the same i.e. position dimmer etc. they can select unit and wind down the gobo to open so its not sticking as such, but maybe an issue with it not recognising its start positions properly.
I have recommended they repatch everything and clean some of there patch numbers which were all over the shop just to confirm no dmx conflict, also told them to check modes are correct and match the patch.
Apparently all of the above is correct, i did recommend changing one of the working movers to same channel and if it behaved itself then its more than likely a fixture issue in my opinion.
i suppose that really i just wanted to check that there is no setting that i am unaware of on the leapfrog that allows a user to alter there home position incase someone has changed the values by accident. i think u can do this in the newer os but the leapfrog just halved the position values set gobos,colour and shutters to open and dimmer at full.
If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi ted,


On the older units (assuem we are talking about the unit with just 2 LCD's) the only way to change the home position is by editting the actaul profile on a PC then loading it back in.

Your idea of setting a working light to the same address is the way I woudl approach this as well.

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