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ZerOS 7.8.1

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Today i recieved your Newsletter. There was written that there ist a Version 7.8.1 of ZerOS


Product Software Versions - latest release reminder

Zero88 Product Specialist Jon Hole has helpfully put together a quick software reference table which makes it easier for you to check if you're up to date. Please go to the software section of our website to download the latest versions. http://www.zero88.com/software/





but on Download-Page there is still only 7.8.0 in the Version of March 2014.

Is the Problem with the Delay in change on the Display-Labels fixed in the 7.8.1 Version? (http://zero88.com/forum/topic/6787-solution-getting-slow-under-78/)

Where can I get the "new" Version.






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Ahh, I didn't realise that was sent out today - it's on my to-do list to upload it tomorrow morning!


It's actually been shipping on products for a while, there is no major improvements over 7.8.1.


We're working on 7.8.2 which will solve your problems.

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