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TEMP fader

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Is there a way to make a fader act like an TEMP fader like on MA2 panels?

I want it to control the pan(and tilt) of a movinghead.


All help is welcome.



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I am not sure to understand right.... (I don't know very well the Grand-MA)

but to obtain fader-control for explicite parameters, you can try to créate a Submaster with tagging only what you need (say only the PAN of your selected fixtures) and with its maximum parameter-value

and you have than to go to Submaster-Setup (for edition) and select "position-control" for this paticular Submaster


but this is often not very satisfying in live-workflow because editing in the programmer window over-rides the Submasters (but Submaster , often, do not override the Progammer, but only merge the values !!!

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Thanks for the reply.

Maybe my dircription is a little vague.

I want my fader to control Tilt directly. Say it is record at 50 and then at 70 I want the fader to control that difference of 20,

so if the fader is at 50% the tilt value should be 60.

If this makes sence.

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Hi Max,


Ziglight's reply is the nearest the Solution can do.


So, you program the Tilt at 70% onto the submaster, then go into Submaster Setup (hold SETUP and press the flash button of the submaster), choose "Submaster Controls..." and then choose "Position".

Now, that submaster will take Tilt from wherever it currently is to the Tilt you recorded (70% in the example above). If you only have the submaster at 50%, the Tilt will only half move to the end position and so on.

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