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Have I broke it?

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HI all, this is my first post. We have recently purchased a zero 88 solution desk, I have spent the last week setting it up and playing around with it. I have setup some submasters for the moving heads we have and all was going well, I then had a fiddle around and it looks like I have changed the default value for changing stuff like shutter and intensity etc, I used to be able to adjust on the dial between 0-100 and now goes from 0-255 and its stopped all of the submasters that I set up from working. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much in advance. Adam

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it sounds like you have changed your display from % to DMX value. (% shows 0-100 and DMX will show the actual value being out put 0-255) to toggle this setting press the 'special' key to change the MFK keys to the special function, now press MFK key 10 (this is the right most key second row down, it will display either DMX, percent, details(dmx) or details (%) ) then select percent. this will return the values back to show values in percent format (0-100). hope this helps.

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