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Copied Chase Memories

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I have been working on some large chases for a bunch of active suntrips which have taken me ages to make! I have made them in the cue stack but only want them on subs.


I have copied them into subs but when I delete the memory with that chase in the cue stack it dissapears in the sub to. Is there anyway to copy them over to subs but not delete them from both places.


I really dont want to have to make them again on the subs!




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Jack - you need to program the chase directly on the submaster (page 111 in the manual describes the process).


Iif you copy from a memory to a sub, the software creates a referencing link. If you delete the memory - then the link points to nothing as you discovered....

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here is what you can do :

Load the memory into the Programmer (via the Load button) and then record this into a Submaster (via Record button)

instead of just copy the reference of the memory into Subs


don't forget to verify if all important parameters are tagged ! (and all other parameters are untagged !!)


but when there are chases the thing is more complicated because you have to record any step one by one of the chase

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Thanks for the responces, I'll make sure I go directly onto the subs next time! But loading the steps in to the programmer has also worked a treat!


Thanks guys!

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