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Memory Zero

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in the manual of the Solution Desk one can read this:

Memory Zero
Memory Zero is a special scene memory. All dimmer and fixture brightness channels are programmed at zero; all fixture colour, beamshape and position channels are programmed at their home values. All fade and delay times are set to zero.
Memory Zero is displayed on the Memories screen as „- -„. It can be selected, output or copied, but it cannot be edited or deleted.

...but it seems to me that "memory zero" cannot be copied..!!

if I try the answer is "Memory Value is Invalid".... and its not possible to get the "--" selected for copying


this is not a real problem (beacause its very easy to programm the "blackouts/resets" otherwise) .... I am just wondering what we are supposed to do to get the thing done (-> copied) like discribed in the manual...

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