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Color Codes for parameters in Zero-OS (and Solution Desk)

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hello everybody
I have one more question about the color-codes in Zero-OS
some color-codes are explained in the manual other are not...

so for example in the Prgrammer and the Output-window
red parameters are tagged; yellow are not tagged...
key but what about the blue ones ?? or the (lite)green-ones ??

other question :
the color-codes in the Fixture-Level window are a real mystery for me
beside that the purple-ones seem to be coming from earlier tagged memory parameters (see the screenshot below).... but what about brown, lite-green, lite-blue etc ???

thanks for any help



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Hi Ziglight,


Here are what the colours mean:


Red - programmer values (these aren't recorded anywhere yet, and will be removed when clear is pressed twice)

Yellow - being recalled from somewhere that isn't a cue (generally submasters, UDKs (on ORB) or a default value)

Blue - value from a cue / memory which has gone up since the previous cue (up towards the blue sky)

Green - value from a cue / memory which has gone down since the previous cue (down towards the green grass)

White - a "blocked" value where the channel's programmed at a value it's already at (shown as RED in fixture levels)

Purple - a tracked value from a previous cue

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Yepp thank you very much for these informations...!! (these are very usefull to understand the progression of parameters in the stack and helps to improve edition...!!)

thanks ! :)


is there a chance to get this kind of "fixture-levels" also for Submasters in a future ZerOS ???

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