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Does anybody know if Zeros would work on iPad Mini? It has a 1024x768 resolution. Also checking that when you have it set as desktop it functions as a touch screen basically?





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Hi Steve


I bought an ipad mini specifically for the same purpose. I had no problems with it and used it as a remote rigger for when I needed to be away from the console during focusing. That said, it wasn't long before I gave my iPad mini to my wife and bought a full size iPad as the panel view was a little too small for panel view of my Solution XL view - I since found that it is possible to zoom in by tapping the screen with three fingers so things like faders are easier.


During a show, I use my iPad and my main screen for memory and submaster views and my touch screen to manually run effects, positions, etc.


Hope this is of use



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Hi Mike


So just checking with the iPad mini were you able to operate it so you could see the palettes suitable for programming?


I have an iPhone which I intend on using as a rigging remote and then I was hoping to use either iPad mini or iPad 2 to run the desktop on.


Any info on your experiences with the remote and set up would be brilliant.



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The iPad software has the same five desktop views as the console and also has a panel and wheel view too. I don't have an iPhone so can't comment one with the remote software.


I favour using the iPad to remotely fine-tune positions and fade in/out generic lights for focusing, leaving the iPad at stage level if working at height from zarges. Each desktop view can open different palettes where I like having four quarter screen ones on my main display with two half screen width ones on the iPad. It would be possible to use the iPad whilst programming using palettes but would depend on your preference of what views were open. That said, even if four palettes open at the same time was a little difficult, you can have four or more palette/views at full screen available at the touch of a tab at the bottom of the desktop screen - you can also have individual palettes on different desktops too, so things are pretty flexible and can be set how you want them.


Attached are three photos showing iPad mini and iPad;

zeros1.jpg is the panel view seen for a Solution console - the Solution XL has smaller graphics because of the extra faders

zeros2.jpg is a view I set on Desktop 1 for Memories and Submasters

zeros3.jpg is a view on Desktop 2 for the Colour, Effect, Beamshape and Position palettes


Hopefully this is helpful







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