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The Upside Down Police

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I just noticed that my number of posts had reached 666 8O


This reminded me of a spoof version of Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast", so with apologies to Bruce and the boys ....




I was alone,

One quiet night,

I heard a noise downstairs, and it gave me a fright,

What did I see ? Could I believe ?

A bunch of lowly thugs were breaking in to batter me.


What did I do ? I grabbed the phone,

But in my struggle it fell, landed upside down,

I made the call, dialled 999,

The lady said the police would be there in no time......


Their car was black, a light was on the back,

And I could clearly see, their Sarge was watching me,

He plainly was, no ord-in-ary fuzz,

He wore baggy threads, his men stood on their heads,


666, The upside down police,

Loved by thugs, they're easy to defeat.


Torches blazed and deep voices were raised,

Thought I heard a cry, thug kicked in the eye,

But in the fight, the cops the thugs did blight,

They weren't that hard to ground, cos they were upside down,


666, The upside down police,

Pushed aside, they really weren’t that bright.


This had to stop, I phoned the proper law,

This was really real, and not some crazy dream.

By the time they'd come, all the thugs were gone

The nutters on their heads, all got locked up instead !


666, The upside down police,

666, they're challenged mentally


They're coming back, they will return,

And on their foreheads they'll have a nasty carpet burn,

Next time you scared, and all shook up,

Please check that when you dial, your phone's the right way up !

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