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I am pretty familiar with Fat Frogs but I seem to have a power issue that I cant trace down. I recently acquired another Frog for parts only to find the main PCB (motherboard) are different. The old one has the old Varta 3.6v solder mount battery and the newer one has the CR2032 3v battery. Are the different versions (old/newer) PCB's able to be swapped? I am almost certain that the issue is within this board. Please help as I have an install that this console is going to be used in.


Thanks, Jesse

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My understanding is that the two boards are electronically the same - the board with the CR2032 was used in a lot of Frogs and Fat Frogs and Illusion 500's


The only issue may be if it came from a Frog and it's now going in to a Fat Frog - I think you may need to reset it's internal ID - but a phone call to Keith will confirm if that's the case and how to do it.

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