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driving a smoker with a jester

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I've copied this over from Blue Room as there's not much response there.


I am trying to control a JEM smoker using the auxiliary function of a new Jester 24/48. I have very little experience of DMX. The setup is this - the Jester is connected to a new Demux which has four analogue DIN cables to four analogue Betapacks.

This is what I have done so far:

The smoker is working fine using the test button
Jester DMX patch is ex-factory, I.e. ch 1-24 = DMX 1 -24
The Zero88 Demux is with ex-factory settings.
Connected the smoker to DMX Out on the Demux
In Super User, I have gone into Aux setup, pressed Preset A Flash Button on Channel 24, and set it as an Aux Flash.
On the JEM DMX controller I have set the dip switch to 000110000 (=24)
Back in Run mode on the Jester, I have tried holding down <Shift> and Flash button 24 and nothing happens...
UPDATE: Got the smoker working fine with the slider which of course gives smoke volume control. Button still doesn't work. I don't think I understand this Auxiliary business. Seems pointless - and doesn't work anyway.

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Hi jayartibee,


Looks like this has been resolved on Blue Room, but if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reply!

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