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Alcora Mk1 DMX output

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Hi I've been asked to look at my daughters school Alcora lighting desk. The usual i"t was working now its' not". Upon investigating no flashing is seen on the DMX Output LED. My initial thought go in to super user and reset DMX patch, thinking desk has forgotten patch channel to address.
Is this a symptom of a dead memory battery, if so what type? Or is it more likely DMX transmitter chip has died?



John Mac.

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There's no memory battery in either version of the Alcora and the Mk1 didn't do DMX patching.


If it's a very early Mk1 then a lot of the chips were socketed so it might be worth popping the cover and pushing home the IC's - sadly this means you have to take the whole desk apart to get to them.


There isn't a drive chip for the DMX as such but a buffer that converts the voltage levels from the processor to DMX levels - the output of that drives the DMX led. It might even be as simple as the DMX led is bent away from the window, you won't know until you get the desk open.


It could even be the Grand Master fader has failed so the desk can't output. It would be really worth trying to get the desk to a Zero88 dealer who can do repairs. If you contact Keith at Zero - he'll be able to tell you of your nearest.

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