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The buttons on the front panel weren't labelled on early Illusions, one of mine has a card overlay glued to the front panel showing what they do - which was main Fixture functions like beamshape, colour and so on. A later Illusion I sold to someone had the legends screen printed on.


They do work with Fixtures - though it's a bit clunky, I do find it easier to mouse around the screen to select and change functions.


If your update has failed then could I suggest you try once more - when I updated my original desk to 1.8 the first run fell over because the firmware was updated as well (If I remember correctly) and the updater didn't like doing that as well as updating the software.

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I did note that the desk serial number ended in 0002 so that ties in nicely with your answer!

Although the disk utilities displayed the file, I wondered if formatting was the problem. I re-formatted the disc in the desk then loaded the OSF from pc. Lo & behold, this time the software loaded & everything looks just like the handbook! Many thanks for your reply.


(I used to work in Sutton Coldfield, wife came from Harborne. Small world . . )

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No problem - it is indeed a small world...


When this issue happened to me I nearly had heart failure - I thought I'd "bricked" the desk - after I calmed down, I tried the re-install just in case (being an old computer techie one sort of expects a hiccup like this from time to time) and lo - the darned thing worked!

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