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Keyboard entry with Leapfrog 48

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Ian's correct - it's the same code, so it's very rare that something user-interface related, such as this, will operate differently on a console compared to Phantom ZerOS.


This seems to work fine for me in Zero 7.8.

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Naming retrospectively is the same as if you were doing it as you are programming. Sorry if you already know the following and I missed the point of the question. The following works on the Phantom Frog Leapfrog setting with software 10.12 (latest). I don't think this functionality changed across software versions.




Dialog Box=Select type of item to name




Dialog Box=Select Memory Number


<Enter> or type number


Dialog Box=Name Item


<type name using keyboard><Enter>


Job done!

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Nick, its possible on the Leapfrog that F2 is labeled 'Name', but certainly on Phantom Frog Leapfrog setting its in the same position on the console as F2 would be on a Fat Frog. i.e 2nd button from the left on the very top row of buttons above the Master A/B faders. Kevin

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