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Problem with ELO touch on 7.8

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I just updated one of our LeapFrog 96 to ZerOs 7.8. After the update the touchscreen (ELO) is detected when connected and can be calibrated. Some seconds later it stops responding. Disconnecting and reconnecting leads in the same situation. The monitor is connected directly to the desk, no hub.


Downgrading to 7.7 fixed the problem.


Regards, Jo

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Hi Jo,

In the System Info window (Click ‘Other Windows’. On ZerOS 7.8 and above you’ll then need to click the ‘System Info’ tab), there’s a section called "Input Devices..." under which there is a line for each input device (such as your touch screen), with the filename, device name, physical location and unique ID.

If possible, please can you check if any of the last three (device name, physical location and unique ID) change when the monitor stops working. If you can take a photo of the screen before and after, that would be really helpful.

Best regards


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