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copying parameters from another fixture

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I've had a search through the manual and can;t find anything. Is there a function that allows me to tell one fixture to replicate any or all of the parameters from another identical fixture elsewhere in the rig?

Let's say I've spent some time getting a particular prism speed and focus on a certain gobo. And then an hour later into the tech I realise I need that to be done from a second fixture. 101 is the original fixture, I need fixture 102 to do the same thing.

Is there a syntax to use that will do this ?

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You can use 101 @ CUE 5 ENTER for a fixture to replicate what it was doing in an earlier cue.


You can use 101 COPY TO 102 ENTER to copy the programmer information from fixture 101 to fixture 102.


At the moment, this only copies the programmer information, so you may need to use a combination of these, the first to extract the data from the cue into the programmer, and the second to then copy that information to another fixture.


Hope this helps

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